Custer County: A Gold Mine of History

 Custer County: A Gold Mine of HistoryCuster County: A Gold Mine of History was created as a visual aide to share with children visiting on school field trips, but this book also can be enjoyed as a quick look at the history of Custer County and the Wet Mountain Valley. Its main purpose is to better inform its readers about the history of this beautiful valley and surrounding area. It is hoped both children and adults will enjoy the historic material interwoven with artwork throughout this book.

This picture book was compiled by Irene Francis from material she gathered as historic curator. Irene spent hours talking with members of pioneer families in the Wet Mountain Valley. These conversations are especially reflected in the county map located in the middle of this publication.

Acknowledgements for Custer County: A Gold Mine of History

Quotes have been taken from the Reflections Cookbook with permission from the Custer County Federated Women’s Club. Diane Francis Munroe, a graphic arts major, was the adviser for the artwork and text content. All photos are used with permission from the West Custer County Library District.

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