Brush Publishing

Brush Publishing Company was established to publish and promote books written by Irene M. Francis.  Her writings are devoted to the history and culture of the Wet Mountain Valley, its people and environs in Custer County, Colorado.

Brush PublishingA paint brush can be used to create a picture that the artist wishes to convey to the viewer.  In the same way, the written word is used to paint a picture of interest to the reader.  Thus the name Brush Publishing.

This enterprise also provides the perfect showcase for Irene’s art, including pieces inspired by the history, culture, and communities of Custer County she so loves, as well as the colors of her garden captured in elegant watercolor cards. Irene’s books and custom notecards are available online.

Before the writing of every history book comes the gathering of material that leads to the dialog.  Files about the Mining Ghost Town of Rosita, Colorado, have been gathered and writing will begin in 2016.